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Flor Mi Amor Body & Massage Oil - dancing love organics

Flor Mi Amor Body & Massage Oil

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Flor Mi Amor

A soft melody of flowers that inspires one to realign to feelings of joy and self love. A layered blend that is topped with the aroma of lilac. A wonderful treat if you adore the smell of flowers.

This oil is light and moisturizing, perfect for after bathing , massage and for intention setting rituals

     This blend incorporates elements of Flower, Water and Earth leaving a light floral aroma that will be sure to put a smile on your face.

    Flor Mi Amor is a wonderful way to start your day, welcoming feelings of Joy & Love.

    Flor Mi Amor Aromatherapy Oil Inspires:  Joy & Self Love

     Mantra:  I welcome JOY  and self love into my life with every breath I take. Divine inspiration guides me as I am filled with grace and loving kindness towards myself.

    Ritual: Massage Flor Mi Amor on your body and imagine that you are pouring the feeling of pure joy throughout your body. Close your eyes and repeat the affirmation three times.

    Directions for Use

    Use your Body & Massage Oils fresh out of the shower with moist skin or at any time of the day when you are feeling a need to moisturize your skin and indulge your senses.

    Beauty TIP: Ditch those chemical infested shaving creams and use your Body & Massage Oil to protect and hydrate your skin as you shave.

    Certified Organic Non GMO Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E and a proprietary blend of essential oils..