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Divine Serenity - dancing love organics

Divine Serenity

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Divine Serenity Aromatherapy Oil INSPIRES: Relaxation, Peace & Calm.

Relax and release the stress of a busy day and surrender to feelings of peaceful Serenity. Create your own spa like experience with Divine Serenity. 

Divine Serenity inspires one to connect to peace and relaxation allowing the mind to quiet and tune inward. Perfect for your meditation practice, to use before a stressful work meeting or upon waking to a new day. 

You feel at ease with the aroma of Lavender dancing with Jasmin, Ylang Ylang and four other essential oils all rooted in elements of Earth and Water.

Your Divine Serenity Intention will come with a small crystal and meditation to inspire rituals of self care.

Aroma:  Delicate blend with a lavender base that dances with notes of Jazmin and other grounding essential oils. Very Unique blend that is a FAVORITE***

Mantra: With each breath I remember the possibility of serenity in my life and I offer gratitude for the gifts that life brings. I choose calm and relaxation as I release any stress that does not serve my higher good.

Ritual: Rub Divine Serenity over your heart chakra upon waking and before bed while repeating the affirmation three times with eyes closed.

Directions for Use:
Use your Divine Serenity Aromatherapy Oil fresh out of the shower with moist skin or at any time of the day when you are feeling a need to moisturize your skin and indulge your senses.

Beauty TIP: Ditch those chemical infested shaving creams and use your Body & Massage Oil to protect and hydrate your skin as you shave.

Organic Sunflower Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and a proprietary blend of essential oils..

Essential Oils
Each aromatic blends contains up to 5 essential oils.  We DO NOT use synthetic or artificial fragrances/oils in our blends. Each of our blends are our original FORMULAS.