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The Story

A mystic rooted in the cosmos ... born from brujos and curanderas that lived in the mountains of lands not so far away. 


The story begins with my Mother.

A healer, artist and activist.

A magic maker before it became hip.

She wore patchouli like no other and worked the earth, talking to plants, following Grandmother wisdom that came in the form of song on a windy day.


She is Earth Mother. Goddess of Creation dancing between this world and the Spirit world, Passing ancestor wisdom onto me through copal infused afternoons in the Pacific Northwest, sipping on Green Juice chanting Hail Marys while she throws out those Chi Town Vibes that maker her who she is.



    I, Nicole P am the daughter and the Creative behind this work of love.

I continue the story allowing the magic to flow through my veins as I handcraft the artisan aromatherapy blends that my Mother passed onto me.  Through each creation I move closer in alignment with my power as a Mystic that shape shifts between the multitudes of existence. 

In between making oils I heal my Mom and offer testimony to the amazing earth shaking experience of being a spiritual being in a human body Dancing with loving Vibes even when the heart feels heavy..



This is my ART, Passion and heart wisdom named Mystic Bella Tarot & Botanicals. Gracias for hearing our story.