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Video Tarot Spread - dancing love organics

Video Tarot Spread

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Tarot is a magical tool that offers guidance and insight to us in this journey. It is a way for the spirit guides to come through and bless us with messages.

Often after a Tarot session we forget the messages or we fail to follow through on any ritual or action that may keep us rooted or moving towards what it is that we desire.

That is why I created this offering.

Seven card Tarot spread and a personalized Intention Oil based off of your reading,  You will have access to this private video so that you may listen to the messages as many times as you wish within that month time period. 

Your intention oil will be crafted based on your reading and you may use this oil in ritual and intention setting.

The Down Low on How this works:

You purchase this package and  will follow up via email within 24 hours with detailed information as well as a few clarifying questions.

I will video your tarot session and send you the link to access the video. You will be able to access the video for up to 3 weeks. In addition we will send a personalized meditation to go along with your Intention Oil.

You can expect to receive your video within 7 days of purchase and Intention Oil will be sent out the day after your reading.


I am not a doctor and do not claim to cure anything.