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What I Am Not Doing This New Year

 I dig the New Year.

The whole " out with the old, in with the new" self help pumps me up and I make all sorts of promises of change in the new calendar year.

You know what I am talking about...

Lose 15 pounds... do yoga... eat healthy... be more organized... read more... find my purpose...

Sounds familiar?

What I normally do is go full out in the beginning of the year and for real, by the end of February I slowly creep back on my New Year New Me resolutions.

I along with thousands of women fall back and move further away from our idealized visions of our bodies, our lives and slowly the necesary actions that need to happen to move closer to these ideals become a nagging ache that reminds us that we failed. ..

Once again.

So this year I called bullshit on the traditional new years preparation and rituals.

Does this mean I totally renounced vision boards and all that manifestation stuff?


In fact I did create a vision board, bought a beautiful planner and am reading a variety of books with purpose and intention.

I am still down with moving closer to my soul center and shinning bright in this new calendar year, 100%.

I am going to manifest some bomb ass badness this year and INTENTION will be my middle name.

What I am not doing this new year is setting myself up for failure by having this false belief that it is NOW or NEVER... that if I fall off my path for a moment that I am doomed for the rest of the year... that everything, every goal... every intention has to be set right from January 1st .

Nope I am not doing any of that.

What I am doing is opening to the idea that I am on my path and that as I consciously move closer to my Soul center, the Goddesses... the Ancestors will shine their wisdom through my third eye as I dance in the dream world and it is from these mystical encounters I will be guided to the next steps that I will need to take in this dance.

I will hold in my heart what I desire for my life and remind myself that my actions will either move me closer or further away from these desires.

I also hold the words Discipline and Choice.

Discipline and Choice are beautiful words that I have embraced in this year and throughout each day I often reflect on my 2017 POWER.

These words are my magic dust as they give me power to own 2017.

So when I head home instead of going to the gym, I remind myself that I made a choice to not be disciplined. I chose not to work out and usually justify it by my tiredness or wanting an evening to chill and watch Netflix.

I still feel bad...  guilty, because ultimately I chose to not take action that will lead me to feel better about myself and honor my body temple which really is in line with me moving closer to my soul center... yeah, I made a choice AND the beauty of the situation is that the next day I have the ability to make fresh choices again.

This loose ended vision process with my power words  and choices affords me the freedom to be flexible with my vision and releases me from the " Now or Never"  chains that oh-so-often messed me up in the past.

Will this work for you?

I don't know.

Give it a try.

Take what works for you and set aside what does not.

Or maybe none of this works for you.

My hope and vision of this post is to inspire you to create your own rituals, ceremonies and systems that will foster your spiritual growth allowing you to reach goals, intentions and desires.

New cycles are beautiful.


Especially when we define and create the rituals that bloom.

You got that magic babe.

Take 2017 and let that magic shine.

Until next time...

Nicole P




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