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Two of Swords in times of unknown

Hello Beautiful Soul.

What times we are in

Vastness of emotions in uncertainty.

I want to remind you that whatever you are experiencing in your body is valid. The tears you shed are valid. The innovation you spew is valid. The fatigue is valid.

All is valid.

The Two of Swords comes to us as reminder that we always have choice. Even in the heaviest moments of existence we have choice in how we respond.

This is in no way is dismissing pain, death, fear or the atrocities of capitalism that is at the center stage of our current existence.

I do not believe in the notion of spiritual bypassing. That notion is ridiculous and causes harm. It is often used by folk in extreme positions of privilege that profit in some shape or from of spiritual colonialism.  

Rather this is a gentle invitation to lean into the conscious realm of choice as an act of personal power.

What is happening may be out of our control and it will play out as it does but still within this we have the power to choice how we will respond.

Will we choose compassion towards ourselves and others?

Will we choose rest if we are able to rest? 

Will we choose to care for ourselves?

Will we choose grace in the moment our eyes open to welcome a new day?

Will we choose to heal?

Will we choose to see opportunities to go deep? 

Will we choose to transcend?

This is not meant to be a list to check off .

No need for those at this time.

Rather the Two of Swords appears to us to plant the seed of wisdom in our hearts... in the core of our all knowing selves... that the invitation of choice is ever present.

I wish you peace and love as we move through the tides of these times.




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