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Time Can Jack You up Sometimes


The picture that you see is of me two summers ago when I was playing around in the kitchen with sugar scrubs and body oils.

I was caring for my Mother who was dancing between the worlds and I had the idea of bringing to life body care products using the aromatherapy blends that have been in my family for many moons.

It seems like forever ago and yet just like yesterday.

When it feels like yesterday I get bummed and put on a grungy " I suck" hat. 

When it feels like yesterday, I create the timeline in my head from playing around to launch to current day and I feel like I should be way further along than I am.

I beat myself up and block all creative brilliance flow. I compare myself to others and feel lost or hopeless.

Pure caca downer energy...

On the flip side when I remember this time and it feels like forever ago I have a lot more compassion for myself.  It is in this construct of time I am able to reflect and make sense of what the past and how it is unfolding in the future. I am able to celebrate small wins and honor the road I have traveled.

 It is interesting, no?

A series of experiences brings forth different interpretations and feelings based on two different perceptions of this thing called time.

Now to go a step deeper, in the video below I read a three card spread and what comes out is such a message in response to what I am talking about with this whole time construct.

Take a listen, maybe even at least two times.

Then let me know in the comments what you think.

Does this ring true to you?

Any messages here for you?

All right beautiful, I leave you with this and send you love!


Nicole P


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