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The Warrior Cries Too


A recent gathering of strong ass women happened in my Mother's space.

It was an Ancestor driven happening that brought us together on a Sunday afternoon in Seattle. The sun was out,  the air crisp and we were all being called to come together.

The women that gathered in circle were/are tough...

I mean head held high, sparkle in their eye representin' tough.

I mean tough like whipping out tasty eats, having babies and lifting villages tough.

It was an honor to be surrounded by a circle of warriors... Goddesses of the Earth shift shaping on a daily basis laying down bruja vibes as they speak truth to power in every realm of life.

I have been so disconnected and lost from circle.

Cutting myself off at the root in order to somehow survive through my own earth shaking "this shit is not happening to me" sort of thing.

Gathering in numbers in circle,holding sacred space for each others testimony was the medicine that we all needed and will continue to need.

 Even as I kept the deep not yet healed wounds to myself, asking the Grandmothers to receive my pain as an offering, my Strong Ass Woman soul was touched.

I was also lit with inspiration from this circle and was called to write 

You see, being strong is beautiful... no doubt.

Warrior strong, holding it down is a gift and not always an option when your back is against the wall and you got to survive.

Strong Warrior Women are celebrated, praised and held high as a trophy of inspiration. They are the ones that are called in to put out fires, lick wounds, heal the village in the midnight hours..

sacrifice for 

the sake



But who holds the Warrior woman when her super powers are on E?

Who holds her up as she weeps, slowly releasing vibes that do her no good?

Who pours her epson salt bath of rose petals and lavender so her body may release in the warmth of hot water.

Who sits back and holds it down while the strong Warrior woman dances freely, spitting out rhymes as salty tear drops roll down her check from her soul mourning who she once was? 

The strong Warrior Woman is of flesh and bone, breakable... yes the Strong Warrior Woman can break...

into a million pieces shattered across snow caped mountain and thirsty desert floors.

She may not stay broken...

but she does break.

And when she does...

will you be there to hold the sacred space of your Strong Ass Warrior Sister so she may rest...

so she may cry...

and on her own time pick up her pieces so she may rise again with that sparkle in her eye, drum beat in the bones and fierce soul centered vision gifted by the medicines of the Eagle..

 You think you got that?

The Strong Warrior Woman cries too and she needs you to know that.

To be continued... 


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