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The Sun in Virgo

Tarot 8 of Pentacles

Hello Beautiful Soul!

We are officially in Virgo season!

Can you feel this EARTH energy? I personally feel like a call back to reality. For me Leo season is like a vacation... being carefree... staying up late under the stars.

When Virgo comes around I feel the party is over and it;s time to get back to work.

With that said let's talk about the card that represent the first days of Virgo Season.

The 8 of Pentacles

Sun in Virgo

The card we dance with until September 1st

Opportunities to put into practice that creative flow that was ignited in Leo season

This card asks us how we are dedicating ourselves to our craft.

How is the Sun illuminating our studios so that we may get to work

This is a card of developing our skills

Practicing our craft and building our resiliency through consistent action.

So yes beautiful soul, the party is over... time to get back to work :)


Blessings to you !


Nicole P


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