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The Last Days Of Taurus Season

7 of Pentacles Tarot

                  It is a grey day here.

  It feels refreshing after two days of sunshine and heat.

 I sit looking out the window waiting for the raindrops to appear.
It is as if without knowing I am morphing into the figure in the seven of pentacles. 
Taking time to pause and reflect.
This card comes to us in the last nine days of Taurus Season.
It is a messenger from Saturn.
The last decan of Taurus (May 9th - 20th)  is when the Sun is between 20 and 30 degrees Taurus. 
The seven of pentacles offers us the invitation to find peace in surrendering to the lessons of  the precious space of "NOT YET". 
It is an invitation to deepen our commitment.
Deepen our practice of dedication.
Deepen our level of trust in ourselves.
Trust in the process.
Knowing that patience 
even as trying as it may be...
at times
just the medicine
our garden
May you savor these last days of Taurus season.
Be well

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