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Written Word for Taurus Season

Oh dear season how we have needed your 

Cool earth to calm the flames of the season past

The flames were oh so intense this year

And many of us are left in need of deep deep respite only you can provide.

We ask of your planetary ruler, the Goddess of Venus to resurrect

Our connection to the beauty we bear in these times of uncertainty

May her encantrix powers shower our dreams

With luxurious pleasures of this flesh 

As we bury our tears from grief lodged deep in our bones

May you bless us beautiful energy of Taurus

As we work the earth, singing song of resistance

While we plant our seeds in the dirt fertilized with blessings

of our Ancestors...

Cooling our bodies

Opening our energy centers

We dance to the drumbeats of our beauty

Barfefoot on the plains while gazing at the mountains

While our intuition spews from the diamonds of our third eye


Taurus Season

We have been waiting for you




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