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Flaunt It

Have you been FLAUNTING it lately?

Often more than not, if we got it we do not flaunt it.

We tend to hide our SPARK, our Fire, our STRENGTH in order to make others feel more comfortable. We fear what they may think of us or call us self absorbed.

It goes deep and I often have to check myself to make sure that I am not shrinking in order to "fit in" or make someone else feel good.

I challenge you to look at where in your life you are dimming your light for the sake of others. Acknowledge this, make peace with this behavior and make a commitment to unleash your Sparkle.. your Fire... your STRENGTH .

Life is too short not to dance in your power and beauty.

Are you ready to Flaunt it?

I sure am!

Cheers to this dance we call life, good coffee and flaunting it!

XO Nicole P.



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