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Spiritual AF

Spiritual AF
There is this myth or ideology that intoxicates our perception of ourselves as spiritual beings.
It has us second guessing at times and makes us question our own spiritual -ness.

This whole idea that you have to be soft spoken GRANOLA eating Birkenstock wearing

...chanting Namaste while sipping on organic fair trade loose leaf in your thrift store finds that are laced with high priced Yogi Lululemon gear is a false reality.

It is a created ideology by outsiders yearning to find their soul center.
In their quest for spiritual manifestation, those that create and follow this standard for "spiritual guru" perpetuate standards of oppression without even being conscious of it.
In their hunger to be Light Workers, honoring spirit ... spreading love as they recite the latest Hay House episode of Wayne Dyer {whom I adore} these creators and followers cultivate standards of who is spiritual and what does that look like.

Now, listen up beautiful soul...

I could go on for paragraphs about this but I prefer to get to my main point of this post and that is to say this:
You can say Fuck
wear glitter all over body, rocking your on point eyeliner game
strut around in studded heels
be mad
question God
still be...

Spiritual AF.

Remember that Babe.
Until next time :)
xo Nicole P

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