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Six of Pentacles in the Second Decan of Taurus


The New Moon in Taurus has graced us with her presence.

Venus, tickling our senses.

D'Angelo playing in the background ...

An awakening of desires buried by the day to day...

The Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sensuality is holding the space for us..

as we begin to start to welcome the resurfacing of our desires ...

she kisses us on our foreheads and introduces us to the Six of Pentacles.

The card representing the second decan of Taurus.

This card invites to reflect upon our feelings of worthiness. 

At first glance this card graces with blessings of abundance.

We could very well see ourselves as the figure standing stall, pouring coins into the hands of the figures kneeling below.

It may be true.

This card may bring blessings of abundance.

Blessings of overflow...

So much overflow that you feel full with a need to pass on your abundance to others.

Such a beautiful message that this card offers.

And as much as I flow with this meaning and even wish it for my own path, I am being called to dig deeper into the meaning of this card in relation to Venus and recent New Moon energy.

This is what I am feeling.

I am feeling that this card is a teacher.

A teacher that is inviting us to step into the role of receiver

What if we are the beings kneeling in this card.

Asking for coins...

And the being standing tall, spreading coins is the Universe...




What if one of the messages was to ask us of our beliefs, feelings, beliefs on receiving?

A question to ponder.

Do we.. you.. feel worthy of receiving?

Of asking for more?

Deep stuff beautiful soul.

But necessary to ask and to examine.

Deep down, do you feel worthy of receiving?

If you dig down, beneath you tough mama attitude that has served you well...

How are you dancing with your feelings of TRULY being worthy of receiving?

Let the question sink in.

Your answer may not surface immediately and that is okay.

I offer this interpretation of this card as a tool... an opportunity for you to sit and reflect.

For as you dance with the cosmos and all the blessings offered  may you pause and reflect upon those deep seated thoughts and beliefs that hide in the comfort of day to day ...

May you see them..

Fell them...

And know that whatever your path, your past our what you desire...

You are WORTHY.

You are Worthy.

I Am Worthy.



Love to you beautiful soul 






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