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Seventh Chakra House of Miracles

Seventh Chakra House of Miracles

Seventh Chakra Spread in the 206 on a blustery Saturday.


Sippin' on local roasted, Piñón intoxicating primal senses and this is what is called to share:

" The seventh Chakra is in fact the house of miracles -manifestations of the purest form of the energy grace
This center also contains unbridled mystical is in the dimension of the seventh chakra, our consciousness and spirit can have a conscious rapport and spiritual connection with the Divine." 🔹🔹🔹Caroline Myss🔹🔹🔹

Word that resonates in this spread: Surrender


What would it feel like to open that beautiful energy center, the seventh chakra, and allow Ancestor wisdom from Divine Source to flow and guide you in this dance called life.

Take a moment to close your eyes and really feel this... with all your being... stay here in this moment and see how Golden light is flowing into your body from your seventh chakra... be with this feeling for a few moments more.

Next with eyes open and palms up and offer Gratitude for the miracle of opening to Divine Source. Repeat the Mantra below SEVEN times and go on out in the world and shine BRIGHT beautiful soul.

Mantra: I am LOVE surrendering to Love and I open to Divine Source and miracle blessings.

May this post find you in Divine timing and please share with your circle of like minded spiritual soul sisters.


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