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Self Care Growing out of LOVE for self is a Revolutionary ACT

How do you care for yourself?

Not in the essential needs sort of way but in the deep soul centered way that nourishes your being holistically?

Many of you are Goddess Warriors that are holding it down ... making your way in the world... doing all sorts of greatness and self care that grows out of Love for SELF is vital for your survival... for our survival.

Struggles in many communities is not anything new.

But as we enter in deeper struggles, now more than ever we must believe we are worthy of the time and care so that we walk on a path that honors our soul in this dance called life. 

I offer you this to you as a spiritual tool for you and my hope is that is serves you well.

Please share with your circles.

I truly believe that the first and most important step for a Revolutionary is to care for self. May this audio guide you in the path of radical self love and self care.


Nicole P



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