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Pieces New Moon Feels

Pieces New Moon Feels.

A reflection.

These words come from a recent call that I received from a friend.

She was sharing that she woke at 3:30 a.m. with an intense sadness in her heart that followed by uncontrollable tears just two days after the New Moon. She could not understand why she was feeling the way she did. There was no clear meaning in her mind as to why she was intensely releasing they way in which she was. 

The call was not one asking for any advice as to what to do, rather it was a call to share what she was experiencing. 

After hearing her words and sitting with what she shared, I reflected on my own journey of times when floods of feelings released from my body. It felt good to hear that someone else's experience and it reminded me that collectively we do not share enough of the times when we are right in the midst of what feels to be a storm. 

Often we hear of the stories once one has risen from the sea of emotion or the ashes from fires that burned for what felt like an eternity.

Take a listen to the video above for a short reflection that I feel compelled to share.

I would love to know your thoughts, feelings, questions or reflections. For when we connect to one another in this dance of transcendence ... of growth... of flow ... we serve each other as mirrors ... as validation that all is as should be and that we are okay.



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