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Page of Cups

In the moments of coffee in the morning while throwing cards  , the Page of Cups appears to whisper in my ear......



The Page of Cups reminds you that the Goddesses have gifted you a chalice of gold that vibrates in tune with the Heavens •

As you journey you will learn to navigate the emotions that come with being a Mystic

You will learn to differentiate between EGO and instinct •
You will hypnotize with hawk like gaze
Mastering the rituals of self perseverance
The Page appears to us so that we remember to nurture our innate ability to dance in alignment with our mystical self

That we hold magic in our bones

That when we surrender to our gifts, we know the journey may be lonely at times but we trust that the right souls will be brought into our lives in divine timing
•• The Page is student and teacher ••
And she invites you to drink the nectar she had in het chalice 🌹

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