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October lifts the veil to the after life

Spiritual Veil Lifted.

Spirit accompanies us daily.

Their presence is known by that soft breeze that touches your cheek.

That noise you hear in the other room.

That smell that permeates your senses.

the Dead.

They dance with us daily.

As we enter into the month of October the veil between the living and the dead is lifted.

We seek comfort in this month.

A different sort of comfort.

We have harvested our fruits from Spring and Summer, leaving us now open to feast on cosmic offerings from past seasons.

As we prepare to feast in this Autumn season let us be aware of the lifting of the veil between worlds .

It is the natural flow of Spirit... of Universe that unfolds in this month.

You will feel it in your bones...

and as we open to this flow... the lifting of the veil...

we walk with hearts open...

boundaries in place...

and we dance.


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