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New Moon in Scorpio

* This is a post that I forgot to publish { rolling my eye and smacking my head.}

The intention and meaning behind is good so although the New Moon in Scorpio has passed, we can still tap into the essence of Scorpio in the unleashing of our sensuality*


New moon in Scorpio

intentions of awakening sensuality and desire as a means of radical soul survival.

Today I reclaim the power of my sensual self and make peace with myself for falling off track... It is my soul right to feel oh -so delicious in my body and create rituals to honor my deliciousness
My meditation :

I am love
Dancing Love
breathing Love
Spreading love
And I honor the gift of sensual re- awakening
Soul re-awakening

I allow my myself to dance in the beauty of my senses
And I honor the Divine Diosa that I am.


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