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Last Days of April Tarot Spread

Tarot card spread
Sipping on local roasted 
On a Spring morning in the PNW.

Cards reminding us of how we protect our sacred spaces of refuge 
As well as rituals to protect our vision

We are dancing with five of pentacles right now until the 30th

Mercury in Taurus

In combination with both Pluto and Saturn retrograde

We are tending to gardens that will offer food to nourish our bodies in summer

Ace of Rods and Chariot let is know we will see new forms of our desires in this upcoming season

That is however if we are able to make peace and move on from what the Devil is telling us

Messages of honesty with self and tests of us loving ourselves enough to embody Saturn energy and honor the boundaries of our dreams

And consciously make choices that will move you in alignment with your visions

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