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Invitation to Stand in your Power to Change

The Tarot spread for the week is an invitation to stand in our power in the light of struggle, sorrow or pain.

We are being asked to revisit what we are willing and not willing to live with.

In what ways have you surrendered your power to the vision or wants of others? 

Are there any past conflicts with others that is weighing you down ... muffling the whispers of your soul's wisdom?

We are invited to learn from our pain, let it teach you so that you may release it and dance on with your brilliant bad ass self.

Yes, people can act like fucks and hurt our feelings.

But ultimately we have the power to decide how we will dance with these feelings.

Yes there are tons of traumas that one may endure.

This message is not to deny that rather the cards extend a cosmic hand to hold you up as you release and heal.

 Think about it and see how that feels for you.

In the meantime I am taking it back :) 




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