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Hola Leo Season

Can you feel the heat Beautiful Soul?

The heat from the Lioness is ready to warm us up from the waves of Cancer Season

Some of us have been chilled from swimming in all these waters of emotions ... I mean ... for some of us we felt like we were drowning for a minute😂

Don’t even start with the cosmic cocktail of Retrogrades and Eclipses adding to the countless tears I have been shedding ..

Retrogrades still going down
But Hey

We all up in Leo season so take a deep breath because we got this •••
Be ready to tap into your creative powers

Take the stage and let the world see all you have to offer

We are being invited to play 
To dance
To reconnect with that excitement of new flames

And if you are all about the LOVE just wait until Venus steps into Leo (coming soon)

The Lioness teaches us about strength..
Courage and Loyalty •

She/He/They are here

The flame bright

Are you ready?


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