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Full Moon Vibes

Full Moon Vibes. Dancing Love Organics

Leo vibes dancing on Aquarius edge radiating from the the Hunger Moon ...

Eclipse ...

takes it one step deeper...




This is a time to honor the polarities of your desires and make peace with them as the circle throughout your sub conscious.
You can crave power and yet be humble... you can crave position without acting oppressively...
You can crave cash, lots of it and be generous... You can be all about your Beauty... spilling out rhymes about your fly💕Ness and still be about equitable opportunities for your community. ..

The multiplicities are beautiful. 

So in this Moon cycle. .. acknowledge and honor the dance... tune into this powerful moment... find the areas in your life where you are starving and start planting some seeds so you that you may grow a garden and feed yourself. ..

You are Worthy.




Shine bright beautiful soul and represent

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