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Full Moon Magic & Ceremony Circles

Hello Beautiful Soul

I invited my Mom to speak about the meaning of Full Moon Ceremony and share how she creates Ceremony space in her life.  Here is what I have for you:

  1. Read the testimony she has written
  2. Press Play and listen to her words
  3. Share in the comments how you honor the Divine Feminine and the Full Moon Cycle.
  4. Spread the love. If you know someone who could use some good "medicine" or magic or connection about the power of Full Moon - Pass it on :)

Enjoy beautiful soul and magical Full Moon vibes to you xo

Nicole P


      Press play and open to the  beats of wisdom she drops..



" I have been taught that the full moon is the time when women are at their most power. It is the time of Grandmother Moon.  It is a time we honor our connection to all our relations; the two leggeds, the four leggeds, the winged ones, the ones that swim in the waters, the rooted ones, Mother Earth and sky.  We are the ones that hold life in our wombs and who are the protectors of the waters on earth. 

.The Moon cycle is a gift to women; it is a time to align, cleanse and purify ourselves, body, mind and spirit. We, as women, cycle through the moon, even after menopause.

 The full moon ceremony is a time to pray not only for ourselves and loved ones but for our planet and all life, a time to talk story, a time to gather as a community of women with heart and spirit.  Often this ceremony is held outside around the sacred fire and, as is sometimes the case, I find myself living in cities away from my people and place. So  this is a  full moon ceremony held in a tiny apartment at green lake. We also usually have a feast afterwards but this time it will be snacks. ..."



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