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Full Moon in Libra

Hey Beautiful Soul.
I have sat here at my computer for over an hour. Trying to put into words the possibilities of the messages of the cards in the times that we are existing in. I feel stuck in ways that is hard to put words to and I question, is there a place for this amidst the waves of injustice,  fear, sorrow and uncertainty?
I know in my heart that there is.
And so I offer these words. 



The Goddess of Justice emerges from the center of the Pink Moon
To offer us solace

As stagger to find solid ground

From the upheaval of the Tower •

She reminds us that all that is built on uneven ground must fall to rumbles •

Just as dead leaves fall from trees on windy days

What leaves are falling from our existence

She asks

Inviting us to the initiation of this time

The Goddess of Justice blows a sparkling dust dripping from venus that coats our hearts and drips to our feet

She offers us the space to release self judgment, expectations of self and toxic patterns of productivity

She reaches out and rubs us down with Chrion... gifting us with a limpia.. to heal our wounds around the words “ I Am “

The Goddess of Justice invites us to release what is not does not honor our integrity... she sits by our side as we reflect on our values and beliefs that guide our choices

Surrender to her
Allow your feelings to flow through you like a river stream

Be with her offerings

And prepare for the initiation

For the time will come when
The Goddess of Justice
Will request our presence
As we rise from the crumbles of the Tower

Rooted •
Ready ...


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