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Full Moon in Aquarius ~ August 15th

           Full Moon shining bright in Aquarius

Aquarius , the water bearer.
Fixed Air.
Corresponds to the Star card in Tarot.
The sign ruled by Uranus, who just so happened to turn retrograde in Taurus  on August 11th. Interesting cosmic flow since Uranus is in it's weakest placement opposite it's exaltation/Scorpio.
Could have some influence... at least it gets your mind wrapped around the multiplicities this art called Astrology offers.( I will not go into this here but you may see another post shortly about this energy :)
Uranus rules the 11th house connected to social causes, Utopian vision, social groups and thinking in the long term.
What could this possibly mean for us as we are dancing with so much FIRE in our personal planets?
*I don't have THE answer but I do have my personal reflection on some possibilities.*
Full Moons always are in the opposite of the sun sign In this case, Aquarius in opposite Leo.

We have fixed Fire and fixed Air.

A fixed sign is stable, consistent, reliable and constant. They are provide a foundation and often act on ideas. (FYI  We have one fixed sign for each of the elements.) 
As Grandmother Moon shines bright on August 15th, we are gifted with the opportunity to allow the this energy to shed light on areas of our lives that we would like to deepen a connection to Aquarius energy .
Where could we use the intuitive powers of the water bearer in our lives?

What may she/he/they cleanse?

How may we embody the inventive fixed AIR that Aquarius offers?

In turn of Uranus energy (remember this planet rules Aquarius), how my we stand up to and rebel against structures that no longer serve us?

Are some of these structures become self imposed from many years of internalizing F' uped paradigms/expectations forced upon us by others? (  I think we all dance with this in many ways)
This Full Moon in Aquarius is a gateway for us to embark on a journey of shedding confining thoughts, boundaries and actions that dim our fire. It is a gateway to feel the blessings of the STAR card and dance under the moonlight of futuristic possibilities.
This Full Moon is also reminding us that as we heal, as we choose joy, as we stand up to oppressive systems and practices... we are making change on a collective level.
Allow the light of Grandmother Moon show you how you may be of service to others in this time. How you can evolve beyond prayer and step into action.
Our lesson this Full Moon in Aquarius is the balance the flow between personal and collective.
May you be open to receive whatever your Spirit is open to and in need of receiving from Grandmother Moon.

Blessings Beautiful Soul   

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