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Flow and Alignment

Brujas uprising


 Alignment is beautiful.

It is something that is ever flowing.

It changes.

Permeating the soul.


Holy Water from the Goddesses.

What we often do not see are the tears... the moments of doubt...of not knowing...

All of that is like an initiation,

Walking through the fire.

Rites of passage.


I am writing this to share that Dancing Love Organics is ALIGNING with Ancestor guidance and it feels right.... like in tune with the cosmos.



This realignment will honor the roots of our creations. It will also allow for the space to honor my Mother as she is the one who created these aromatherapy blends on blustery days that spewed Ancestor wisdom that seeped into her skin.

The name Dancing Love Organics came from a moment in HERSTORY when I was offering testimony of caring for my Mother as she danced between this world and the Spirit world.

She continues to do the dance.

Some days she is closer to this life and others she lays in bed talking to Spirits.

You see, I come from a long line of WomXn who talk to Spirit... see beyond the veil that is right in front. I come a long line of womXn that heal... 

 and this REALIGNMENT will honor where I come from, the struggles...

the celebrations... the LINEAGE

 Stay tuned as I begin to share more about this transformation.

Love to you Beautiful Soul!



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