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Dancing with Failure

I have a confession to make.

I have been dancing with feelings of failure.

Months away from my 45th sun cycle of life in this body, I feel like a complete failure.

Now, I know in my head that there really is no failure... everything is a lesson... blah blah blah

but truth be told, I feel like I should be way further along on this journey than I actually am.

Yep, I am shoulding on myself.

I share this because I feel in my heart that oh-so-often we share the golden magical moments when we are on top of our game. Right? We got shit all under control and we survived the storm... strength in tact and ready to spread the words of survival that inspires... that moves mountains...

Yeah, that is cool.

and needed...

just as sharing in the moment of a funk... of a cycle of questioning purpose and life..

admitting feelings of failure...

of depression...

that space of rawness ...

It is in that space that one takes a deep breath, releases while grabbing those pieces of relief... of validation... of knowing that you are not alone.

If you are dancing with feelings of failure, I high five you and am doing a salsa mambo cha cha along side you.

Let's dance in these feelings, acknowledge them...

own then ..

for they are part of our life experience.


It is a real and valid experience.

Things did not turn out as we expected and that burns... burns bad.

So the challenge at hand for us as beautiful souls is this:

Recognize our feelings, open to these feelings ... then make peace with them before you offer them up to the Goddesses so that you may move forward .

As a follow up to this post I will be making a video with a ritual that you may incorporate in your soul care rituals.

In the meantime,  honor your feelings of failure and know that you a re not alone.

Until Next Time :) 







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