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Creativity as Habit

Creative Bliss Aromatherapy

The habit of creativity is a dance of discipline, faith, learning and repetition.

Nurture your creative self by continuously practicing your craft in all states of feeling/being.

I adore that awe inspiring feeling of the creative genius flow. You know what I am talking about, right? When your art/words/food/ideas/sales/business strategies ... when it all just spills out with ease and it is invigorating. .. almost orgasmic... ahhh, I know you feel me.

What I also know is that it is just as important to create in the moments when we feel stuck, jonsing for that CREATIVITY orgasim ... disconnected from that genius fire within.

In a funk.

It is in those moments when we honor the habit of creativity ... when we decide to ride it out... put pen to paper even if the mind is blank...

Those moments my friend are when we truly are honoring and fueling our Creative Genius.

That is the game changer.

Be well Beautiful Soul xoxo

Nicole P


If you crave something to help you connect to that creative fire within, I would love to suggest you check our blend Creative Bliss. This aromatherapy blend inspires one to connect to their innate nature to feel blissful and unleash creativity.


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