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Choosing Your Tarot Deck

Hello Beautiful Soul!

Choosing your Tarot deck is an intimate process.

When you are in the store with and see all the possibilities you get butterflies in your stomach and feel opened with possibilities.

So many to choose from.

Where do you even begin?

Let me share with you my journey as a way to offer insight to you if you find yourself asking the question, how do I chose the right Tarot deck 

As a Tarot reader, I crave to accumulate a collection of decks and I often will spend a significant amount of time touching, smelling and feeling the energies of each deck


My original deck is the Rider-Wait deck that was gifted to me by a Tarot reader when I was in my twenties. I was told that Tarot was my gift and that I would be reading for folks at sometime in my life,  I had always had a love for Tarot but did not come into reading for people until a few years back ( twenty years later)

That Rider Waite deck is still with me and is on my altar. This was the deck that I used wen I first began reading for folks. It has a special place in my heart and serves as a reminder of my path.

After some time I began to crave expanding.

Rider Waite was problematic in that the images were all White figures. One afternoon I started coloring in the figures with different shades of brown and placing stickers on some images. Even with that I felt a disconnect and knew that it was time for a change.

I spent about a year Tarot deck shopping.

I would look up decks online and browse in shops that carried decks. I just could not feel any deck.

It was a sunny July morning in a town called Port Townsed when I found what I had been searching for.

I went into a store that had a large selection of decks and it was as if I was being called by Spirit... I can't explain. 

I began grabbing all the decks, touching.. smelling... shuffling.  It was as if I could smell my new deck was nearby and there it was at the bottom of countless displayed decks... my new tool.

When I touched this deck I knew that this is what I had been craving. Not only were the images appealing and the colors but there was a sense of peace mixed with excitement that came over me.

Now that is not to say that your experience in the search for your deck will be the same. Rather I share this to tell you that finding the deck for you may take time and patience.

You may get a deck in the meantime. One that will get you started on your path with Tarot and as your journey unfolds you may be called to expand.

The important thing to remember is that when you choose your deck, listen to what your body tells you. Do you feel excited, peaceful or in awe? Or feeling like, something does not quite feel right?

Take your time and be open to the process of finding the deck that speaks to you.

There are many amazing decks out there and with a little patience you will find the one that makes your heart flutter with the excitement of the wonders of Tarot

Blessings Beautiful Soul


Nicole P.




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