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The Sacred Ritual of Cleaning House

I am spiritually geeking out with the Summer Solstice and Full Moon doing a dance astrologically in the skies above.

How amazing to have both the Sun and the Moon in their full powerful phases in the same time frame, something that does not happen yearly.

In honor of the beginning of my FAVORITE season and the power of the Full Moon I did a deep cleaning in my home, paying close attention to dust and little corners that I often neglect to clean. Let me tell you, the energy afterwards was off the chart and during the many hours of cleaning not once did I feel exhausted or that it never was going to be finished.

I attribute this all to the power of intention and ritual.

My Monday house cleaning was a  RITUAL of nurturing my sacred space and I set the intention to open the energy fields in my home. In doing so, the mundane task of cleaning transformed into a joyful activity with a purpose. 

This was a wonderful reminder to take the everyday life stuff like cleaning and make them a sacred ritual. I got stuck in the mindless patterns of moving through the motions and avoiding the "mundane" because it was just so... welll.. mundane.

In return, my energy was getting ZAPPED because I was not honoring my sacred space and each time I would walk into my home, my shoulders would cave forward because I couldn't get comfortable and the messages of " I need to clean this place" were running through my head.

Does any of this ring true for you in some aspect of life?

 If so, I invite you to transform "to -do" lists, cleaning or anything that seems dreadful into sacred rituals with the intention to uplift and cleanse your energy fields/centers. 

I am telling you, it really helps to make that energetic shift in thought and action. Give it a go BEAUTIFUL SOUL and if you have any questions feel free to comment below.

Cheers to RITUALS, Full MOON Cycles and Summer FUN.

xoxo  ~ Nicole P








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