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Chocolate and Daily Rituals - A Reminder

Tarot and Soul Care
  Beautiful Soul, this is not going to be a long post with any sort of steps to follow.
Rather this is a reminder.
A reminder that soul care is layered.
It is something that takes  on different forms at varying moments.
We may get overworked... overwhelmed and crave that full day of respite. I am all for the BIG ASS resting moments of holistic care. You know the kind where you have your favorite treats while you cuddle watching Netflix or maybe it is a hike in the woods for you.
Those retreats are beautiful!
However, let us not forget the small rituals of care that can carry us through the everyday. Let us not neglect our desires and cravings as we look forward to that ONE day of soul respite.
This is a reminder beautiful soul to find small ways each day  to nurture yourself.
Five minutes of prayer
A brisk walk
Buying your favorite tea
Whatever it may be, please take time each day to honor and nourish YOU.
I was gifted with this chocolate and began drinking a cup of chocolate in a pretty cup each week. Daily, I have made sure that I have 10 minutes to myself at night and in the morning to offer gratitude.
Soul Care looks different for each of us. regardless, you can commit to rituals of daily soul care and I know within time you will be happy you did .
Nicole P

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