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A Prayer in the Time of Taurus

Beautiful Soul.

I offer the below as a prayer to the cosmos

To the Ancestors.

It was came to me as I reflected on the two major arcanas and one minor arcana card that we are dancing with in the first days of Taurus.

In the days ahead we will continue to dance with the energies of The Hierophant and The Empress but the 5 of Pentacles with turn into the 6 of pentacles.

Later this week I will offer reflections of the energies of the 6 of pentacles.

Until then I leave you with the prayer that came to me one evening.

Mad Love to you



I am Grounding
I am Growing
I am Waking
I am worthy of the Beauty of my body
I am worthy
I am worthy
And I sing the praise of my resilience •
I allow myself to move with ease

Caring for my wounds

As the air of Mercury in the 5 of Wands swirls just below my skin •
Dusting off rancid particles of oppressive structures ready to offer up as compost •
As I lift my head •
I accept the keys that the Hierophant offers .
that unlock the mysteries of the cosmos that have been brewing in my body all along.


These words are offered as prayer

In the beautiful light of shadows 


May I be of service to the highest vision you have of me 
The End


Hey Beautiful Soul!

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