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Starting to Reflect On Self Worth

I love surprising friends and family with gifts.

Not crazy expensive gifts, rather thoughtful gestures or things that bring a smile to their faces.

One of my favorites is to buy my Mother flowers.

I L-O-V-E gifting her flowers because I adore her and believe she should be showered with flowers ALL THE TIME.

Doesn't it make you feel special to be give flowers? 

I mean like GIVE them with your heart. Feels good right? Especially when they are beautiful and you picked the bouquet with intention.

Oh, and what about receiving flowers?

Heart melting.

 The flowers that I posted were a gift to me and I loved being able to witness the beauty that they offered. Oh, the colors and textures combined made me feel magical and I wanted them to last forever.

Can you relate?

I bet you can.

Now, the question that I ask myself is this - why do I not gift myself flowers?

if I adore gifting and receiving flowers then why would I deprive myself of such a self loving act?

Maybe you DO buy yourself flowers and GOOD FOR YOU if so.

But I bet there is something that you gift to others that you do not gift to yourself.

Sit with that for a second or two.

What do you easily gift to others, maybe unconditionally, that you do not gift to yourself?

 That is the question that I am going to end with because this is a conversation that we will be continuing.

It some deep stuff and requires to sit and reflect.

Next steps?

Take notice throughout this week and continue to ask yourself, "What do I easily gift to others that I do not gift to myself?

 Write it down and come back next week to keep this conversation going.

Peace, Love & Happiness

Nicole P


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